Employee rehired at Amazon warehouse after getting fired

 In a viral video posted Nov. 4, TikToker @elchivo_22 joked about Amazon rehiring him not long after he had been fired from the company. The video has received over 391,600 views as of Wednesday.

“POV: they rehire you at Amazon after firing you,” the overlay text on the video reads. 

The creator used a viral TikTok sound from “The Regular Show” over clips of the outside and inside of the Amazon warehouse. 

“Thank you so much [maniacal laughter]…Thank you for being so dumb,” a character says in the audio. 

Amazon’s employee turnover rate has been a topic of much conversation. The company has been scrutinized for its inability to keep up with the number of employees leaving. Within the past few months, the company has faced such a high employee turnover rate that they expect to “deplete the available labor supply in the US network by 2024.”

In the comments section, users discussed the turnover rate and why some of them can’t return to Amazon. 

“They took me back like 3 times,” one user shared.

“They can’t really tell since they deal with so many ppl everyday,” another reasoned.

“Amazon [at this point] is like a toxic ex I keep coming back to when I need a quick check,” a third user said.

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