Elon Musk tells staff to commit to ‘hardcore Twitter’ or he will fire them


Elon Musk has told staff they must commit to a new “hardcore” Twitter or he will fire them, according to reports.

Staff received an email at midnight local pacific time telling them that the company will become “extremely hardcore” in the future.

“This will mean working long hours at high intensity,” he said, according to a number of reports. “Only exceptional performance will constitute a passing grade.”

Staff was forced to click “yes” on a link to pledge themselves to the “new Twitter”, with a commitment required by Thursday. If they do not signify that pledge, they will be fired with three months' pay, the email reportedly threatened.

Mr Musk’s time at Twitter has been marked by an increasingly oppositional approach to its existing staff. One of his first acts after buying the company was to fire half of its staff – before reportedly asking some of them to come back – and he has since dismissed a number of staff who have questioned his strategy, with one of those sackings announced on Twitter.

The new Twitter boss has appeared to mock those sacked employees. In one tweet he wrote that “Starlink is rebuilding the Internet in space, so maybe I know slightly more than some guy who wrote code for a website”, and another seemingly sarcastically referred to them as “geniuses”.

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