What To Do When You Don’t Pass Your Probation Period?


There are three stages of work — Applying for jobs, Going for interviews, and finally getting hired. However, the chances of you securing the role heavily depend on your performance during your probation period. It is a crucial stage where you need to deliver your best performance and showcase to your manager (and boss) that you make the perfect fit for the company.

Securing a (permanent role) can be hard. We’d also like to remind you that your chances of passing (or failing) the probation period contribute to a lot of factors. And hey, don’t feel defeated if you don’t pass your probation — it’s perfectly normal and it’s one of the signs telling you to look for a bigger, better role that suits your skills and experience.

In this post, we’ll show you how you can bounce back from the fall and rise back again (instantly)!

Before the ‘big’ news- Your supervisor would most likely call you for a meeting (or a chat). Prepare yourself for the outcome — gather your thoughts and feelings, and plan the things that you would like to say or discuss during the meeting.

During the ‘big’ news- Your supervisor will break the news — either to continue your employment or end your probation period. If the result is the latter, your supervisor will deliberate their decision and comment on your work performance.

  • Nobody likes to hear bad news — whatever you’re feeling at the moment is valid.
  • Ask your supervisor for feedback — you will know what areas to improve.
  • Know the important details such as your last day of work and when to prepare a handover document.

After the ‘big’ news- Listen, we’re humans with real emotions and feelings- cry, take yourself for a dinner, or buy a nice gift for yourself. You have done an amazing job! Remember, you wowed them during your interview out of all the candidates. Sure, you didn't pass but it’s not the end of the road and you will do better (at other jobs).

So here’s the game plan- Give yourself some time to process the news (but don’t wallow for too long)!

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Just because you fail once, doesn’t mean you’re gonna fail at everything

  • This is the perfect time to work on yourself — you already know your strengths and weaknesses, and it’s time to put in some work.
  • Learn new skills and take up a course- there are a lot of free (and paid) courses out there. It might be challenging at first, but it’s good for your resume (and future job).
  • Take part-time or freelance jobs — besides supporting yourself, it’s a great way to gain work experience and build your resume.
  • Don’t forget to apply — polish your resume and interview skills, and remember to apply for open positions. Don’t give up, and know your worth.

It is important to remember that our failures do not define us. It might surprise you that many successful entrepreneurs, and even billionaires, have repeatedly failed before becoming successful. By taking this as a chance for self-improvement, you’ll be sure to land another job with success. Good luck!

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