Wendy’s fires longtime employee with Down Syndrome


Where’s humanity?

A longtime Wendy’s employee with Down Syndrome was allegedly fired from his job in North Carolina with no notice — and his angry sister claims management told her it was because he couldn’t do the job like a “normal” person.

Dennis Peek, 51, had worked for Wendy’s location in Stanley, N.C., about 30 minutes outside Charlotte, for more than 20 years, his sister, Cona Young Turner, wrote on Facebook.

“I am heartbroken to say they have fired him,” she wrote in the Wednesday message., adding, “They told me was unable to perform the duties of a normal person job.”

“His dream was to retire from there someday and he was looking forward to a huge retirement party, we may just give him that party and tell him he has retired because he does not understand being fired,” she continued.

“I am also looking into a wrongful termination of a special needs employee, wish me luck! I am very disappointed with the management at Wendy’s in Stanley, they have no idea how they hurt my brother!”

The post was shared more than 12,000 times.

Dennis' sister Cona Young Turner said that Wendy's claimed he couldn't perform the duties of a "normal" person.
Dennis’ sister Cona Young Turner said that Wendy’s claimed he couldn’t perform the duties of a “normal” person.

Turner followed up, without explanation, to say the company offered Dennis his job back.

“My heart is overwhelmed by the support that you all have given my brother and me! Thank you all so much,!!” she wrote.

Ultimately, Turner wrote, Dennis will not go back to his job.

“He will be having the BIG RETIREMENT party that he has been wanting. Wendy’s has offered to help with expenses and anything else they can for his special day. I feel in my heart at this point I should do what is best for my brother,” she wrote.

Wendy’s did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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