To Doing More


Taking up more responsibility especially when you haven’t been asked to is as daunting a task as they come. If you’re like many of us, you’re probably afraid of messing it up. You’re thinking “I know what I should do but should I be the one to do it?” “Should I just stay in my lane and make that work rather than venture into more?” “What happens if I fail? What will they say?”

I get it but I also get that nothing different happens when you stay in the same spot. Growth does not occur without movement, without action, and without doing. Failure also needs some sort of movement to happen but that can’t be your first thought when you start to try.

It’ll be scary, and it might even be a lot to take on but would you rather stay right where you are and hope that growth meets you there (how now?) or take that leap and make things happen for yourself?

Here’s the answer you are looking for: “I will do it and I will get it.”

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