These are the UK’s most desirable careers


With October set to be the busiest month of the year for job-hunters as “job-cuffing” season approaches, British workers’ top career considerations have been revealed in new research. 

The research, conducted by industry-backed initiative Generation Logistics, reveals what the nation looks for when it comes to finding a new job, from money, work-life balance and even impact on society. The respondents’ most and least desirable job routes as voted for in the research have also been revealed2

The research reveals that the top five most important career considerations respondents make when looking for a new job, are: 

  1. Good work-life balance (69%)
  2. High rates of pay (66%)
  3. Something I enjoy/am good at (59%)
  4. Flexible hours (53%)
  5. Job security (46%)

At the other end of the scale, the least important considerations to workers are having an impact on society (21%), an opportunity to travel (26%) and learning/career development (33%).

The research also delved into the most, and least desirable jobs in the eyes of respondents. The topmost desirable careers, based on the careers people claimed to be considering most in the future, are:

  1. Media and internet (27%)
  2. Healthcare (23%)
  3. Business, consulting and management (22%)
  4. Social care (21%)
  5. Leisure, sport and tourism (19%)

While the least desirable jobs, based on the percentage of respondents who would never consider a career in them, are: 

  1. Law (21%)
  2. Engineering and manufacturing (19%)
  3. Energy and utilities (19%)
  4. Science and pharmaceuticals (18%)
  5. Accountancy, banking and finance (17%) 

According to the exclusive research, 90% of people would never consider a career within the logistics sector, despite there being double the amount of jobs available in 2022 compared to last year3. A starting salary in the logistics sector is also up to 67%4 higher than the minimum wage for 18-20 year olds, and up to 20% higher than those 21 years and older – both of which play into Brits top career considerations, including job security and high rates of pay. 

Commenting on the research, Bethany Windsor, Programme Manager of Generation Logistics, added: “With a busy season of job hunting ahead, we wanted to delve into the minds of British workers to see what they look for when considering a new role, and open up their eyes to the possibility of a logistics career. Filling roles in logistics is a challenge, as many people do not know we exist, or appreciate the breadth of jobs available. 

“Through Generation Logistics, we will raise awareness of the many opportunities available, but also highlight the accessibility of those opportunities at all levels – from school levers to those seeking a career change later in life. Over the next 12 months we’ll be highlighting all the exciting opportunities that logistics has to offer to professionals at all levels and from all backgrounds. From self-driving vehicles to state of the art warehousing, logistics has something for everyone, and we’re looking forward to sharing it!” 

And for anyone considering a career switch this job cuffing season, take this quiz to see which role in logistics could be fitting with your future: 

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