The 6-Step Process To Get High Paying Remote Jobs

To everyone who is unemployed or looking for their first job right now:

  • First, find a job that allows you to pay the bills and learn in-demand skills
  • Apply to high-paying remote jobs, but see those as a long-term game

Please prioritize your well-being and mental health during the process!

This is especially important for all juniors, students, graduates, and career changers that have messaged me.

I must be honest with you, getting a high-paying remote job requires you to have gained significant experience before that. It is a very competitive process.

The Right Way To Climb Your Career Ladder

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I recommend you to:

  1. Get your first job at a local company to gain experience (yes, going to the office sucks, and low wages suck too, I know).
  2. Keep applying and interviewing for remote jobs on the side.
  3. Learn what you’re missing, and hone those skills.
  4. Eventually, you’ll get offers for remote positions. Accept one, even if the salary isn’t stellar, it will be a stepping stone.
  5. Keep honing your skills applying. You can get pickier as you grow.
  6. Eventually, you’ll get better offers, and from more interesting companies.

You learn and you earn.

In. That. Order.

Remember this while you’re putting in the effort and while you’re working a grinding job. It will get better, just allow yourself the time to upskill and get there.

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Originally published at on October 24, 2022.

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