Remote Work Is the Reason Most of You Won't Have a Job in Five Years White-collar workers face a new threat

 White-collar workers will have no jobs in less than five years.

Employees lost four big battles, and they might lose the fifth.

  1. Union lost its power and effectiveness. One-third of private-sector workers belonged to unions in the 1950s compared with 6 percent in 2021. This resulted in less money for workers.
  2. Shareholders demanded a bigger portion of the profits than employees.
  3. Employees' wages haven't kept up with inflation, so they are making less money than they made a few years ago.
  4. Workers lost a lot of protection on job sites and offices.

Anna Stansbury and Larry Summers are not alone.

Mat Ishbia asked his employees to go back to the office or quit.

Tim Cook also wants people back in the office.

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