Benefits of team augmentation for your business


Starting with clear definition team augmentation also known as team extension also known as outstaffing — is an emerging model of hiring where a partner company allocates a dedicated team of tech professionals to work on your project as a remote human resource.

What benefits does team augmentation bring to your business? Let’s go through key advantages over other forms of tech hiring.

First of all, augmented team is working on the project entirely under your own control meaning that the working timetable, time zone, methodology, communication language and tools, quality checks, reporting system and other details are adjusted to your requirements.

Secondly, while the hiring company is looking after the process, team augmentation provider takes care of all legal paperwork and holds legal responsibility towards the performance of an employed human resource to assure that the desired result is delivered including any dispute resolution.

Thirdly, finance-wise team augmentation is a more cost-effective solution than headhunting, hiring and maintaining an in-house tech human resource. The only expense incurred is the fixed hourly rate itself so the company willing to hire can stop worrying about hidden fees, salary tax payments, social contributions or changes in rate.

Another important benefit is that unconventional approach of team augmentation brings value to the business through significantly reducing time of hiring process allowing customer to onboard specifically skilled human resource within the shortest possible terms.

Lastly, team augmentation is not only about dry hiring for your business. Outstaffing providers are your trusted partners ensuring that your tech strategy is fulfilled in full scale upon your demand - such as, for example, in the case of exclusive or emergency request.

To summarise, team augmentation brings the following benefits for tech businesses:

Full control over the development process

Guaranteed and hassle-free legal assurance

Decreased and transparent hiring costs

Reduced hiring period time

Trusted long-term partnership

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