5 Ways To Prep For A Successful First Day At Work


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Congratulations on getting the job! The hard part is behind you. Now that you have the job, you want to know how to make that great first impression and get on the fast track to success. You may also have feelings of nervousness and excitement but the only thing you can do now before the big day is to try and manage your expectations and prepare.

The golden rule for your first day is to go with the flow. Dipti Goel (HRHead, Paytm Insider) shared, "Your first day can be very overwhelming, meeting so many new people. I always advise people to keep an open mind and go through the day just trying to get used to the place and any tasks as they come. However, there are a few ways you can be in control and optimize efficiency. Regardless of which job you have applied to, here are some universal tips for you to slay that first day.

1. Prepare to learn

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Usually, on your first day, you do not have much work. It's spent familiarizing yourself with the work, teams, and work place. Your goal should be to absorb as much information as you can. A few things you can remember to learn about are the company's mission, values, and goals, post which you can try to get an understanding of your role and responsibilities. Lastly try to sort out your logins, tools, and another company tech that you would require for the job. According to Aditi Surana (High-performance coach and Founder of APT mental gym), you should "Ask yourself an honest question - why does it matter? Be honest with yourself. If you are crystal clear about why you want that job or why it matters then, you will be prepared to deal with the unexpected. Turn on the game mode and play to the best of your abilities. Remember, 'Play' is an operative word."

2. Map your travel

The first impression is the best impression, so no pressure, just map your travel. The main instruction given to you before your first day is the reporting time. So in the days leading up to the main day, figure out how to commute to the office, the duration of the travel, and expenses. One thing you want to do is to be on time and not keep people waiting. Even if you reach early, that's alright, because not many think 'better late than never is a positive sentence.

3. Eat and carry a mini meal

Although you are incredibly excited about your first day in a new role, what is most important is that you are well-rested and wake up on time to eat a good meal before your big day. You definitely do not want to be hungry in the office. You may feel you will be able to manage by eating at a later hour but since it is your first day, go easy on yourself and eat well. Also, carry some food with you as a backup to avoid being hangry towards your new colleagues.

4. Prepare a list of questions

The first day is great for you to learn multiple things about your workplace and company but it does get overwhelming. So to avoid this, prepare a set of questions that you can have answered during the day. Such as, who I report to? How is the work performance reviewed? When and how often do we have team meetings? Who are the heads of the department? Now, you may not have everything answered in one go but a little goes a long way when it comes to what you learn on the first day. Goel reminded us that, "If you're unable to follow the induction session, it's ok, you're new!! Ask as many questions as you want".

5. Befriend at least one person in the office

Manifest a positive attitude, stay off your phone and smile. Yes, the traffic is horrible, the weather may not be the best, and your commute needs some getting used to but regardless smile while greeting people. You will be perceived as more approachable that way and it will be easier to make conversation then. Remember you aren't finding your life partner, people at work need not have to be your type but having some familiarity helps make work smoother and you can run those questions past them that you consider silly to ask out loud. At max, you'll have company for lunch and that can become the highlight of your day sometimes.

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