Here are my top five considerations before making that big decision:

Stability of the Company

Nowadays, layoffs are happening everywhere, whether it’s a start-up, SMEs, or the FAANG group. It kind of rings a bell that you must perform exceptionally well to continue in that rat race regardless of the firm you’re working for.

I cannot stress enough the importance of conducting proper research on the company. For any company, it’s essential to understand the future of that product or the service offered, growth potential, and redundancy risk. This will give you a better picture if you are looking for a long-term opportunity.

Work-Life Balance

A workplace should do the same as a family takes care of each other’s needs. You should be able to enjoy a life outside of work too, work flexibly, have remote working options, and be allowed to explore your other interests too.

Considering this - it may be possible that you are willing to work out of the box today and give extra hours to build your career. However, this might not be the case after two years from now, so you should be careful that the company is willing to consider the shifting work-life balance as needed.

Additional Perks & Benefits

Salary is one of the most important factors when considering a new job. We always look for the desired salary before making that decision. Still, we should also focus on other advantages and perks the company offers, such as health plans, retirement plans, bonuses, flexible working hours, relocation assistance, the number of paid and unpaid vacation days, and any other perks the company offers to offer.

And something really important, you can always Negotiate on the extras!

Learning Opportunities

Technology demands continuous learning and upgrading. Thus, it is crucial to see what learning and educational opportunities and benefits the company offers. Maybe you plan to go for a master’s or doctoral degree in the long run, and it would be so helpful if the company could provide support for the same. Not only just degrees but also the certifications that can strengthen your career are expensive. If the company allows financial aid for any such learning opportunities, you will grow professionally and academically in your field of expertise.

Company Culture and the Team

Last but not least, your team will significantly influence the working environment, and the company’s culture will play a significant role in your happiness at your workplace. Do not forget to check any feedback given by former or current employees. Glassdoor and Greatplacetowork are some of the websites where you can go and study more about the culture of the company. Try connecting with the team and other employees on LinkedIn to understand how they feel about the workplace.

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