I am thrilled to say that I have finally become a C-level executive. For the uninitiated, C-level people are those who hold a senior position in an organization, play a strategic role, and impact company-wide decisions. Sounds imp
ortant and serious, huh? So, these C-level executives can be a CEO, CFO, CTO, CHRO, and the like. This certainly conjures up an image of a person who is making a lot of moolah apart from slogging their ass off and at times failing miserably in striking a work-life balance! Well, my C-level position does not entail long hours of work, on most of the days at least…. but it certainly has a lot of perks, like the freedom to make my own decisions, be responsible for my life and the choices I make…. That sounds like a dream job, right? In a way it is, again it’s a matter of perception. Before I confuse you any further, let me clarify…. I am not working as a CEO for any company! Then, how dare she calls herself a C-level executive, you may wonder! I have certainly become the CEO, but the only difference is I consider myself the CEO of my life! In the hindsight, Aren’t we all the CEOs of our lives? If you have not yet adopted this designation, then do not delay, just step into this coveted ‘position’ right now! A simple analogy may help you embrace this title:

C-suite is deemed the most important and influential group of individuals within a company- As the CEO of your life, make sure you become the most important person, not to impress others but for the sake of your own self. Self-care (anything you do to keep yourself healthy-both mentally and physically) is a great way to maintain a healthy relationship with yourself and is known to reduce stress and anxiety too!

A Good CEO or a leader will seldom let negative vibes or negative people influence their action/ behavior- As the CEO of your life, stay clear of negative influences in your life. Instead, try to look at the brighter aspects of your life and develop a sense of gratitude for all the small joys and blessings that come your way!

CEOs ensure that their companies run like clockwork and are responsible for their success- As the CEO of your life, remember that you are responsible for your own happiness. If you are knocked down by life’s events, do not let others push you around and make decisions on your behalf! When there is a need to say NO, never make the mistake of saying YES. Remember that you are the author of your success story!

CEO must be flexible and adept in managing change- Change can trigger adverse reactions in an individual. For instance, moving from one city to another or changing jobs are tough decisions in life, but if you start viewing it as a learning experience, then perhaps, the transition may become smooth. I have become more or less skillful in managing change as I consciously choose to be with positive people because they invariably create a congenial atmosphere. Moreover. positive people help me alter my perspective on life and most importantly they are a great example to cope with life’s stresses.

Being the CEO of your life, according to me is not letting others dictate the way you lead your life. It’s a personal choice but a mindful one. I don’t claim to be a full-fledged CEO yet…. but I earnestly hope to become one someday soon!

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