Job Candidate Schools Interviewer On Why 'Nobody Wants to Work Anymore'


According to a study conducted by Pew Research Center, over 60 percent of respondents said they quit their jobs in 2021 due to low pay.

Another 63 percent said they left jobs because they didn't feel there were opportunities for advancement and 57 percent felt disrespected at work. Nearly half of workers said childcare issues and lacking flexibility played into their resignation.

Of those who quit, 33 percent said it was "very easy" to find a new job while 61 percent said it was "somewhat easy."

More than half reported a pay increase in their new role, as well as more opportunities for advancement and a better work-life balance.

'Nuked an Interview'

In the post titled "nuked an interview because 'nobody wants to work anymore,' the OP said they had an interview at a paper plant during their day off.

After sitting through a two-hour pitch, he turned to the OP and said: "it seems like nowadays nobody wants to work anymore, what makes you want to work here."

The OP said there were many other "red flags" such as the fire alarm going off because of the dust in the air or lying about the pay.

"The biggest one being that he lied on the job posting about the pay and was only offering $18/hour when I was actively working a job that was paying me $32/hour," the post read. "So I mentally threw my hands up and decided to just tank the interview."

The OP asked the interviewer if he would do the job for $500,000 a year and he said yes. The OP then asked if he thought more people would interview if the job was listed at $500,000 and he said "probably."

"I say 'so it's probably not that people don't want to work this job, but more that people don't want to work this job at this price,'" the post read. "Honestly he looked bewildered and just muttered 'so I take it you aren't interested in the job?'"

The OP replied that they would openly accept the job for $35 an hour, but the interviewer shook his head no.

"I essentially gave him an F you and expected to never hear from him again," the post read. "But the guy has the audacity to call me a few days later and tell me that he got the ok from his boss to hire me at a whole $20/hour. I laughed, thanked him for the opportunity, and said no thank you."

Redditor Reactions

More than 400 users commented on the post, many sharing similar experiences and opinions.

"Nowadays nobody wants to be a wage slave," one user commented.

"Work two jobs just to be poor is a real f**king slap," another commented.

"They love to tout the virtues of capitalism until they fail to keep up with labor costs. Then they blame the workers," another user commented. "If you can't afford labor costs, the market is putting you out of business, as it should."

"If they could enslave you legally they would by force," another user commented.

"I had something similar a few years ago. The job was being advertised as 'earning up to £2000 a month,'" one user commented. "I went to the interview, and the guy started explaining how the wages work. You are self-employed, your hourly rate is £0 and you earn based on commission...then I stood up, said 'stop ripping kids off with this job, and don't take me for an idiot.'"

"I was at a union paper mill for a while where they paid $24/hr ten years ago," one user commented. "Now that we know what can happen to demand toilet paper it should be more like $50/hr today."

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