How to start the week off right

 I am currently writing this on a Wednesday as I thought it would be best for anyone reading to make sure that they are prepared for the following week. We are now coming into the final part of the year when the leaves start to fall but so can our determination thanks to the darker mornings and shorter days.

With this in mind, we need to start making Mondays our priority by doing some simple things that have a huge impact. This is tying in with me also reading Atomic Habits currently (you can read about that on my lists) where we talk about making sure we have the right systems in place.

So here are my top things for you to do on a Monday to make sure you start the week off right!

1. Tasks

This is something that I share with all of my clients and some of my friends have also adopted this as it is different from a ‘to-do’ list. Tasks are the bloodline of everything you need to do daily so for me on a Monday (in business) I have a checklist that I work through every week with things on it such as

  • Follow up with leads from the previous week
  • Make sure my marketing plan is done for the FOLLOWING week
  • Update my CRM with notes from potential client meetings
  • Check-in with all my clients

Like I said, these sound like a to-do list but what makes them different is that I have to do them every week and as things pivot, I change, adapt, and move this list around!

2. Listen to some music

No, no… I do not mean your normal playlist with one of Beyonce’s bangers. Download an app called Brain.Fm and listen to some thought-provoking music on there.

I live and breathe this app as it is so simple for choosing what you’re currently doing and what your current mindset is. Hey! I'm even listening to it now whilst typing this.

The reason to now listen to your favorite list or general everyday chart music is that the BPM (beats per minute) is not calming, this is what keeps you dancing in the clubs. I tried listening to this type of music but would always start dancing in my chair or even worse… singing.

3. The Monday Ritual

Not routine… Ritual! The difference between a routine and a ritual is the attitude behind the action. While routines can be actions that just need to be done – such as making your bed or taking a shower – rituals are viewed as more meaningful practices which have a real sense of purpose.

Make some part of your morning for you so this could be your morning shower routine, drinking a cup of tea on the balcony whilst taking in the air, reading some pages in a book, and so on. For myself, it is sitting down to write a blog and drink a cup of peppermint tea whilst looking out onto the canal from my window. I find it just a nice calm way to start the day.

An extra bit…

This is a personal note which is… Get rid of your alarms! Even if these are on your phone. Invest in natural light to wake you up. An alarm is such a distressing way for you to wake up in the morning as the premise is to shock you and wake you up. This is not the best way for anyone to wake up as you’re startled!

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