Good Jobs. They Don’t Grow on Trees

 Every interview I attend, I am asked about the multiple jobs on my CV. They give the impression that I moved around a lot, job hopped, and couldn’t settle down.

My answer is (generally) “Well good jobs, for my skills, do not just grow on trees. It has taken some time to find a good fit, where I have felt like I can make a difference, where my contribution is valued”

The truth is:

  1. I needed a job, to work, to provide for my family. It was the only job available at the time.
  2. Leaving these previous jobs was not always my choice, some were theirs, and others were circumstances such as relocation.
  3. My home town is a smallish city, Adelaide in South Australia. There are not many companies here that need people with my extensive background and skills, I feel I have not moved forward in my career, or salary for 20 years, because of lack of opportunity.

Yes, I’m frustrated by all the moving around. It's tiring joining a new company and going through the whole learning curve, proving yourself, adapting to the culture, and trying not to make a faux pas.

I’m tired. I want a job where I’m not looking over my shoulder all the time, not seeking reassurance every day, and when I do a great piece of work and communicate it, I want to praise. Is that not too much to ask!

I recently envied a bunch of people I worked with in a Government Department. They were 9 to 5'ers, in a culture where they took all their sick days, and claimed back all their time off in lieu. This was a solid job that they could never be made redundant, or performance managed from, and their superannuation was waiting for them, probably earlier than most. They were (mainly) plodders. Those that weren’t would not be there long, they would be bored, frustrated, or headhunted for jobs with more money or prospects.

I was on a temporary contract and desperately needed job security at the time. Also after moving around a lot I was happy to just settle down and finish off my career in a nice comfy spot. In the end, a permanent contract was not on offer, so I yet again moved along.

I now feel like I’m starting out all over again. I have found a good job, so on this occasion, the good job tree bore me fruit.

I hope I’m here for a while.

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