I am a marketing professional and a job seeker. Here I am going to share my struggle with finding work remotely. This is entirely my personal opinion. If you have any constructive suggestions or opinions, please feel free to share. This is my first time publishing my writing on a digital platform, please pardon me for any mistake.

So let's start.

Before jumping into my story, let me give you a Lil bit of information about why I landed on remote job sites.

Does remote job site really help
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During Covid-19 I lost my job. So I thought of making the best use of time. Since I have always been passionate about Digital Marketing, I began my learning journey through YouTube, blogs, and online learning platforms. Sidewise I have been trying to find a job in this domain. But unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get anything. So I decided to join a course to get a formal certification from a reputed university in USA through an online learning platform

In my current residence, it is extremely difficult to find work as a foreigner. So I thought why not start some part-time jobs. After searching for some side hustles, I stumbled upon some articles about remote work and found out that Digital Marketing is one of the fields that give you the privilege to work from anywhere in the world.

So I did my own research about the remote job sites available in the market and how to apply for remote jobs etc.

But I encountered a lot of challenges once I begin the application process. Approximately 80%-90% of jobs have a geographical restriction. Most of the jobs require candidates to be from the U.S. or Europe. There are very few available worldwide.

I came across a few discussions about this issue on some social media platforms. People argue that companies have certain restrictions when it comes to implementing remote work globally such as time differences, operational issues, compliance issues etc.

However, if companies have certain limitations, then what’s the point in using remote sites when these job portals claim to offer remote jobs all over the world, not just to a few locations? Companies with limited resources can use other job platforms like LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor, or any local job platforms. Just put a note as remote or hybrid. It's so simple.

FlexJobs reports that 95% of jobs have a geographic requirement. It's funny to see a job post that says 100% remote but below that, you will see location and time zone and what’s funnier is that entry-level jobs require 3 to 5 years of experience. Some also want locals for this job. The inclusion of such a clause in remote job portals makes no sense.

Being a person who lives in Asia and seeing this kind of job post is really disheartening. I am sure there are a lot of people out there who experience this same problem while looking for remote work. As hiring has gone global, hopefully, these sites will really help people like me land a dream job remotely.

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