Am I crazy to want an in-person job for the social aspect?


I am single, work from home, and recently moved to a new city where I don't know anyone. I know there are plenty of ways to meet people outside of work, but I feel like something where everyone is in the office 2-3 days a week could speed up the process of meeting people and forming deeper connections. Even if I don't make any close friends there, just having a reason to get dressed and see other people in person regularly could help me feel less lonely.

It seems like everyone nowadays is praising work from home as the golden standard, but I'd love to hear any differing viewpoints you might have!

I'll also mention that I live close to downtown and can take public transit rather than drive, so the commute isn't too bad. I understand why people who are driving an hour each way would hate going in, but if the commute isn't an issue I think working from home loses a lot of its benefits.


No. This is not uncommon in folks I know who are single and earlier in their career.

The people who love remote most tend to be folks who love spending time with their families, have a dedicated quiet home office, or have extensive social lives outside work.

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