The Salary You Need To Make In Order To Buy A Home In Different American Cities, Visualized

 Using data from Home Sweet Home, Visual Capitalist mapped out how much salary one would need to earn in order to comfortably purchase a home in America's 50 biggest metros.

While the country's median home price is hovering around $370,000, on average a person would need to earn around $76,000 to even consider comfortably purchasing a home in the US.

Key Takeaways

  • Census data shows that the percentage of homes occupied by their owners in the US is around 65.

  • Median home prices have gone up by an estimated two percent over the last six months.

  • You'd need to be making at least $76,000 annually to purchase a house priced at $368,200 (the median home price in the US) at a four percent fixed mortgage rate.

  • California cities San Jose, San Francisco, San Diego, and Los Angeles are the costliest cities in America, and you'd need to earn more than $150,000 to purchase a home. In San Jose, where the country's highest median home prices are, that number doubles.

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Via Visual Capitalist.

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