I'm not good enough to work as a Dev at a big tech level company, what other options do I have to make a high salary?

 I'm honestly not good enough to pass all those interviews rounds big tech/FAANG companies have. I'd have to grind leetcode/algoexpert for years.

I've been working at tech startups and scaleups for the last 4 years with 8 YOE in total. I make 140k TC fully remote, but I work around 45-47 hours a week.

My goal is it gets into a big tech company and make a higher salary. I see non-developer roles in big tech making close to 200k with great WLB. How hard would it be to land a job in big tech in something like DevRel, solution engineering, customer success, customer relations, product management, or even sales as a developer? Any specific non-developer job that's good for a former dev to get into?


There are plenty of non-FAANG companies, with some not requiring leetcode, that pay higher than what you’re earning now at 8 YOE.

Though you still need to prove yourself at companies that don’t use Leetcode: 2-4hour take-home assignments, live paired programming sessions, PowerPoint presentations, debugging sessions, and system designs.

I’ve done all of these multiple times over to earn >$200k.

There is no easy path to high earnings - FAANG or not, developer or non-developer.

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