Here's How Much Household Income Is Required To Be Considered 'Rich' In These US Cities

 The American median household income is around $65,000. Here's how much more you need to make in order to become a top earner in the country's biggest cities.

Census Bureau data indicates that the American median household is currently somewhere around $65,000. If a household is earning twice that, a minimum of $130,545, they are then considered to be among America's top 20 percent of earners.

SmartAsset analyzed income distribution in America's 100 largest cities to calculate how much your household income should be in order to be considered among the city's top earners (among the 20 percent.) Here's what they found.

Key Takeaways

  • In over 36 big American cities, the minimum household income needed to be considered in the top 20 percent is roughly $100,000 more than the highest earners in the bottom 20 percent.

  • California cities have some of the highest minimum requirements in the US to become a top 20 percent earner. To be a top 20 percent earner In San Francisco, Freemont, or San Jose, your household income would need to exceed $250,000.

  • If you earn less than $100,000, there are 14 cities in the US where you'd be considered a top 20 percent earner. These include Detroit, Newark, Memphis, and others.

Via SmartAsset.

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