Are You Guilty Of These 12 Common Leadership Mistakes?


Do you want to be loved? Do you always follow your instincts? Do you never make mistakes?

  • The bottom line
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Company culture
  • People’s livelihoods

#1. Restricting praise (or over-doing it)

#2. Micro-managing

#3. Using the wrong communication medium

#4. Surprise Meetings

#5. No oversight/monitoring system

#6. Not stopping to think

  1. Breath in for four seconds through your nose, expanding your stomach
  2. Hold for four seconds
  3. Breath out through your mouth for four seconds, squeezing your stomach
  4. Hold for four seconds

#7. You’re nice

#8. Abstract goals

#9. Poor feedback

  • Poorly handled feedback in the past made people distrust the value of it in the future
  • Regular negative and poorly worded feedback
  • Only getting feedback when there were problems
  • Lack of clarity on how to fix the issues raised
  • The purpose of the feedback wasn’t clear
  • Linked to a clear example
  • Constructive
  • Actionable
  • Delivered in a way consistent with the receiver’s personality
  • Both positive and negative

#10. Not practicing what you preach

#11. Not developing (yourself or others)

#12. Managing activities rather than leading people


  1. Be careful with praise; don’t overdo it, and don’t restrict it. Use it as a tool.
  2. Avoid micro-managing.
  3. Choose the appropriate way to communicate with your team for different needs.
  4. Meetings are not a welcome surprise. Schedule them in advance and provide an agenda.
  5. Stop and think, don’t just rush in.
  6. Find the balance between hands-on and hands-off leadership
  7. Be good. Be effective. Act respectfully. Don’t be nice.
  8. Set clear and achievable goals.
  9. Give useful, actionable, constructive feedback.
  10. Practice what you preach.
  11. Never stop developing yourself.
  12. Lead the people, and manage the tasks.

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