A Very Simple Way To Organize All Information You Need For Your Work


Just put everything you need to remember in one note and gradually organize it as it naturally expands.

In yesterday’s post, I emphasized the value of writing down what you did during a particular session. However, you do not need to reformat in terms of “Overview,” “Tasks,” “Resources,” etc., when it is just blank empty. This self-imposed, top-down way of categorizing information can often be just another hurdle to not getting started with note-taking in the first place.

Enter bottom-up organization.

After you give this document a matching title, you can just dump whatever you have. Thoughts, facts, outlines, next steps, you name it. All in a way that makes it effortless just to type it.

When the text starts growing, you will see patterns emerge. It becomes clear how you should categorize certain parts and remove others. Organization emerges naturally instead of being self-imposed from the start.

The two major advantages of a bottom-up organizational method

First, you do not need to worry about projects so much. Just treat it as information you want to keep. If some of your endeavors start to grow and need considerable tracking, you can add more structure. A LEAN approach, in other words.

Second, it embraces the uniqueness of each activity. Rather than worrying about missing parts of an ideal structure, you let the document self-organize. For example, when I work on Youtube videos, different categories such as “a-roll,” “b-roll,” etc., are more useful than “outline,” “sources,” etc., which is more suitable for normal writing.

Keep it organized but let it organize by itself. No headache, just a relief.

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