Workplace visits are up 300% since the pandemic began

 Workplace office visits are up more than 300% since the pandemic sparked a worldwide office exodus, per new data from office management platform Envoy, shared with Axios.

  • Envoy's data is based on employee and visitor sign-ins from 14,000 worldwide locations across a range of companies.

By the numbers:

  • Larger companies are seeing a bigger rebound — office visits are up 88% since the start of this year for companies with 1,500 or more employees, compared to just 56% for those with fewer than 50.
  • Non-employee visits are up 43% overall so far this year, in part thanks to the return of onsite interviews, Envoy says.

"We expect the momentum to continue," says Envoy head of analytics Jonathan Weindel. "And we see it in the headlines — almost every day more companies are either coming back fully or coming back in a more hybrid fashion."

 The data is further evidence that fully remote work is dying off as companies pressure workers to head back into the office.

  • Yes, but: Many companies are at least embracing hybrid work.

 Envoy expects a further 30% bump in weekly traffic over the next six months — meaning execs, office managers and workers should brace for less elbow room.

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