Here’s How to Be Wealthy on a Low Salary


My career goal was to become a Wall Street tycoon.

Focus on making more money instead of being a tightarse with a budget tracker

The typical money advice is to become Scrooge McDuck.

75% of millionaires have multiple income streams

The lie we’ve been told is that one income is normal.

Don’t just negotiate a salary. Negotiate these things…

Austin Belcak is an incredibly successful career advisor.

  • Bonuses — These only get paid if you smash your targets and outperform. Most companies are happy to pay them because they get a guaranteed ROI.
  • Equity — Many good companies offer stocks in the business to employees. In tech, this money is often worth more than the entire salary. Ask many Amazon employees who became wealthy through employee stock.
  • Paid time off — You can ask for more paid time off so your holiday period increases. One friend went from 4 weeks to 6 weeks holiday by doing this.
  • Job title — They’re useless most of the time. Except when you go back out into the job market a title can help you look more qualified. Therefore, getting you access to higher pay. It’s why so many companies have large parts of their workforce with amazing job titles. They’re free so you can get one without too much trouble.
  • Paid education — New skills make you more valuable. A lot of employers will happily pay for online courses. Learn on their dime and time.


Negotiation is another skill to learn if you’re on a low salary.

Side hustles

When I had a low salary I had multiple side hustles.

~ Mo money, mo problems

P Diddy made a song in the 90s with this title.

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