Employer of Record platforms in Ireland


Ireland’s economy is diverse and advanced making it one of the world’s favorite destinations for global expansion and foreign investment. Almost 1,000 multinational companies have their presence in Ireland due to several advantages such as the favorable business environment, thriving economy, good infrastructure, highly skilled professionals, and financial incentives like low corporate tax and tax credits.

While Ireland has several benefits for organizations planning to expand or build a team, the process of expanding a business in Ireland is characterized by complex employment laws. The business expansion process can be time-consuming and challenging. For this reason, organizations choose the more preferable option of partnering with a reliable Employer of Record Ireland platform to facilitate the process of hiring, onboarding, paying employees, and ensuring compliance with the Irish employment laws.

This article will highlight some of the best Employer of Record Ireland platforms that can help expand your business in Ireland efficiently.


Key offerings

  • Skuad helps organizations to hire contractors and full-time employees in Ireland without setting up an entity or a subsidiary.
  • Organizations can onboard talent and build a diversified/distributed team with Skuad’s global employment and payroll platform in a few days.
  • Skuad’s employment and payroll platform enables employee payments in 100+ currencies and provide the benefits of optimal exchange rates without hidden fees.
  • Organizations can make accurate and fast payments to employees and contractors with Skuad’s powerful dashboard.
  • Organizations can calculate the employment costs, send locally compliant contracts, collect relevant documents, and sponsor work permits in Ireland with Skuad’s employment and payroll platform.
  • Skuad ensures you remain fully compliant with the Irish employment laws and tax regulations.

Shield GEO

Key offerings

  • Organizations can hire and build teams in Ireland without setting up any subsidiary or entity with Shield GEO.
  • Shield GEO enables organizations to onboard talent and handle the full legal responsibility for the employees.
  • Organizations can manage payroll, administer benefits, and file taxes on behalf of employees in Ireland with Shield GEO.
  • Shield GEO takes care of all legal risks and responsibilities by ensuring compliance with the Irish local employment laws.`

Velocity Global

Key offerings

  • Velocity Global enables fast and compliant onboarding of employees within 72 hours.
  • Organizations can hire contractors and employees in Ireland without setting up an entity by partnering with Velocity Global.
  • Velocity Global provides immigration support for expatriate employees and sponsors work permits in Ireland.

Papaya Global

Key offerings

  • Papaya Global services streamline data collation and powerful analytics about the global team with a centralized SaaS solution, including leave management and benefits.
  • Papaya Global are trusted service provider for immigration and global mobility due to its experience in securing visas, work permits, and expatriate tax.
  • The Employer of Record Ireland platform provides global expansion services, including HR, payroll, accounting, and tax, enabling organizations to establish themselves in new markets.


Skuad handles the entire employment lifecycle so your organization can scale business operations in Denmark with no hassles, lower costs, and an efficient HR administration. To know more about Skuad, book a demo today.

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