Do You Recognize These 12 Stages Of Work Burnout?


Work burnout is preventable.

Stage 1: It feels like you have to constantly prove yourself

  • By demonstrating it.
  • By going over the top.
  • By trying to impress others.

Stage 2: You work harder

  • You get more emails
  • You get more instructions
  • You get asked for more little favors

Stage 3: You start to ignore your needs

  • Eating
  • Sleeping
  • Showering
  • Using the restroom

Stage 4: You displace your conflicts

  • Internal conflict — when you are frustrated with the situation.
  • External conflict — when people around you are causing frustration.

Stage 5: You start changing your values

  • Interests
  • Loved ones
  • Your hobbies
  • Moral compass

Stage 6: You start denying problems that come up

Stage 7: You start withdrawing from your social and family life

  • Likely from social life.
  • Likely from social media.

Stage 8: Your behaviors change and it hurts loved ones

Stage 9: You start to feel depersonalized and worthless

Stage 10: You feel really empty and numb

  • Time becomes a blur.
  • Work becomes a blur.
  • Life becomes a blur.

Stage 11: You feel depressed and exhausted

Stage 12: Full burnout: You physically and mentally collapse

  • Your mind collapses
  • Your body collapses
  • Let’s prioritize happiness.
  • Let’s give more paid leave.
  • Let’s have less stressful meetings.
  • Let’s learn how to criticize before we talk.
  • Let’s add mental health benefits for everyone.
  • Let’s treat mindfulness not as a privilege but as a need.
  • Let’s make it a thing not to send work emails after hours.

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