2 great platforms to find remote work

 Many different platforms offer remote work. Some of them have vetting processes to let you; some will charge you a subscription fee to have access to their job boards; others will charge you after you get the job. Finally, some job boards will re-direct you to apply directly with the company and won’t charge you a penny. The latter are the ones I appreciate the most. Their business model is to focus revenue on the company and to focus their support on the candidate.


Visit their website

Well, first of all, they are trusted by Basecamp, the godmother of remote work (learn about it here).

They have all different types of jobs and their advanced search filters are pretty spot on with the things real candidates want to choose. They also have maaaaany resources, community channels (such as Slack and Blog), and a learning platform to advance your remote career. On top of all that, the UI and UX are friendly and pretty.

Seriously, go there and explore! I guarantee you will have fun.


Visit their website

I know, their UI is a bit off, but the content is amazing. They have A LOT of resources for candidates AND for companies. They don't charge you to apply for a job or anything, but they do offer some paid services to candidates — not mandatory at all.

If you're a candidate, explore the Remote Work Resources section. If you're a Talent Acquisition Stakeholder, go to the Hiring Remotely. Finally, if you're a manager, have a look at Managing Remotely.

Have fun!

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