$140/hour? 3 Legit Ways to Earn Money from Home — No Degree Required!


Remote jobs are at the height of their popularity now, but many people are reporting that it is difficult to find remote, entry-level jobs where no professional credentials or certifications are needed. But if you are looking for a more creative way to earn some extra cash, here are three remote jobs that could be the solution you are looking for.

Teaching on Outschool

Outschool does not require any professional certifications or credentials to be a teacher on its platform. Once you pass a required background check, you are able to enroll students and set your own pricing. There is a wide variety of course material that can be taught on Outschool, and as long as you know how to teach a certain skill or topic of interest, you will be able to create and teach a course here.

Because there’s a variety of different classes and each teacher sets the rate for their own class, here’s a calculation for a ballet class I found while on Outschool.

For this workshop, they are charging $80 total for a series of four classes which equals $20 per class per student. If this ballet class enrolled just 10 students, that would equal $200 for the class. Outschool does charge a fee of 30%, so the take-home pay would be closer to $140.

This ballet workshop lasted for 55 minutes, which means the hourly rate for this instructor would be $140 per hour (before taxes).

Online Tutoring

For those of you that can see yourself educating students online but do not want to create or teach your own course, there are a variety of tutoring platforms that you can join that do not require a formal credential. Wyzant.com and Tutor.com are two of the top-performing tutoring websites.

Online Transcription Services

This is another area where you do not need a professional certification in order to get started in this field. The online pay rate for transcriptionists varies, but you may be able to earn up to $1.10 per minute. Transcription Outsourcing LLC and Go Transcript are two of the top-performing websites.

If you are still looking to find a more traditional remote job, you can click here to learn about 10 sites that will help you find remote work.

Want to learn more about these work-from-home jobs? Watch the video here!

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