Software engineering is so f*cking hard! Don't be overly humble


I see a lot that people joke how other engineers make cars and bridges but are paid less than software engineers or I don't know, how doctors save people's lives hence they should earn 5x what developers earn because apparently all we every day do is sit on our butts and search for buggy code on StackOverflow.

I find these jokes funny but recently I've seen people that actually believe this stuff. They somehow think that companies pay developers to top money because developers are lucky or other people still haven't found out that developers are paid well and they somehow don't come to our field (which doesn't even require any degrees!).

No my friend. Software engineering is so damn hard. I'm not saying it's rocket science but you have to keep yourself up to date because sometimes technologies deprecate a few times in a decade, you should have a great overview of how computers work (I know dozens of doctors who can't properly work with Instagram let alone understanding its complexities under the hood), you need to be great at problem-solving, you must to be 100% comfortable in English. you can hardly find a more complex and abstract (in a technical sense) job.

Know your worth, overcome your Impostor syndrome and have a nice day.

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