Is it right to leave my team for a job that pays over 60% more than I currently make?

 I make 75k and get at least one message a week on Linkedin for fte roles (and contract, 12-24 months) which pay +120k. I'm a data analyst at a large bank… SQL, VBA, R, Tableau.

My current role has always been a two-man team, but we lost the other to Anthem a few months ago. Since then my boss has been having a difficult time finding a replacement. I currently am unable to take a day off due to the nature of the role. And if I were to leave, they would be absolutely screwed. It would be like a car where all the gauges stopped working and you had no way of fixing it yourself.

I have been avoiding taking interviews for the past few months because I didn't want to screw over my team. And I don't think it's likely that they could match or beat some of the salaries I am looking at. But should I be this way? Or should I just do what's best for me? I have a mortgage and bills to pay. And my next potential pay raise wont is until Feb ‘23. Should I start interviewing?


Unless they have done something to really, really show that the loyalty is reciprocated, be open to all new opportunities, especially if the pay is that much higher.

I'm not talking about Starbucks gift cards or logo hoodies. I was loyal to a company for five years because my mom died while I was on a business trip. My manager drove me to the airport herself, bought my ticket, paid extra for pre-boarding, and arranged a rental car on the other side. When I put in for extra time off after my bereavement leave, it was approved within minutes with no questions. I got frustrated several times at that company, but they demonstrated very clearly that they wanted their people to be valued by giving us the resources we needed to be our best selves and do our best work. When that perception changed under new leadership, I left and didn't look back.

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