I wasn't getting responses with my real name, so I made resumes with a fake name - and started getting replies within a few hours.


With my real name? Zero response, or "we're sorry but you were not selected as we found another candidate/you did not have enough relevant experiences".

Then today, I put in the exact same resume to other companies with one difference - I used a white name. Within an hour, I had a response with "we were really impressed with what you have to offer and we think you would be a great fit with our team" and a bit later, another email back.

Fuck, now what? Can I even respond to the emails that showed interest in the fake name? My real name is racially ambiguous, even though a few friends of mine said my name is Hispanic as fuck.


Is the name close to your real name? You could say it's just easier to pronounce. My last name is clearly Mexican and my first name is gender-neutral Hispanic which sucks but I stick by it.

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