I keep hearing about these jobs where one earns 6 figures, works 10 hours a week and if you leave, the company goes to ruin, what are these jobs that pay so much, are so important and make you work so little?


They even work from home. I read comments that say they double their salary by resigning. Also that sometimes they don't work at all. Their work hours are 40 hours a week but in truth, they work 10 or less because there are not many things to do.

I want to work into that too or study to work into that.


I wonder how common this is outside of tech though. I have a non-tech office job, make six figures, and work maybe 20 hours/week on average at most.

But if I were to leave, it wouldn’t make a difference. Cog in the machine and all that - if you’re truly a crucial part of a company’s wellbeing, you’re either an executive or someone with extremely unique skills.

For office work, I truly believe most people are paid for their availability and expertise, not their time.

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