How to Work Efficiently and Handle Stress While You Work From Home?

Person Working Remotely From Home
Photo by Luke Peters on Unsplash

Does Working from Home Increase Stress?

What Causes Stress While Working from Home?

Having Distractions

It is Difficult to Set Boundaries at Home.

No Reinforcements and Benchmarks

Lack of Physical Exercise

How to Handle Stress and Work Efficiently in a WFH Environment?

Creating a Space Dedicated to Work

Reducing Distractions

Keeping in Contact with Friends

  • Getting comfortable with saying ‘no’ to non-work-related things
  • Getting enough sleep
  • Creating a routine that has a definitive beginning and end to the workday
  • Don’t miss your meals
  • Stay hydrated
  • Try yoga or exercise inside the house

Wrapping Up…

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