How do I move on from being fired for not being a good "cultural fit"?

 I am a 24 year old female, and was hired by the manager of this company at the same time another girl my age was hired. I was replacing another woman who got fired for stealing, and so the boss brought in the 2 of us to takeover. I quickly noticed that we were the only females in the entire company. There is another woman who works as a sales person at the branch in the city half hour away from the main branch (where I worked). I think the other girl and i were the youngest staff there by at least 30 years minimum. So whenever I complained to the manager about my male co workers being rude, or abrupt, short, and dismissive to me, he would just say "well we're just a bunch of old cranky men, you'll have to get used to it". One day one of them yelled at me over the phone over something so small. I was already having a rough day trying to clean up the mess the prior lady that got fired left behind, so I decided to stand up for myself, and i let this man know not to speak to me that way, as I would not tolerate the disrespect. I ended up getting written up for "causing drama" and the next time I disrupted the office, I would be fired. Meanwhile, it was acceptable for one of the 60 year old salesmen to call me a "trophy wife" and ask me why I wasn't at home cleaning. About 2 months ago, the other girl quit on the spot because she didn't feel like she was being treated fairly. After that happened , the manager started to become unbearable to deal with. He was passive aggressive, he ignored my emails , he would barely make anytime to sit down with me and go over the Financials. BUT he would bounce back and forth between all the other guys offices for random chit chat , but would walk right past mine. He even took my computer, mouse, and keyboard one day to give to the new male receptionist he hired. (It was his son, who has no prior reception knowledge, who also was being paid $4 more per hour than the female that quit.. who did have experience). He demanded I bring in my own laptop everyday to use, which I did. I asked him if the company would buy me a mouse and a keyboard, but instead he just gave me his. I asked him if he was sure, because i know how frustrating it can be to only be using your laptop all day. Sure enough one day I come in on a Tuesday, and the mouse and keyboard is gone... my dad had a spare one in the garage that he gave to me to bring to work... One day I asked him to sign a cheque politely , and he ripped it up and threw it back at me, then informed me that he paid it already with his personal visa. Just to be clear , I was hired as a senior bookkeeper.. and he was in charge of operations. I was hired because of how good I am at my job, but whenever he could , he would do things to purposefully make my life more difficult. I would send an email requesting something bookkeeping wise, and he would go and do the exact opposite of what I requested. He has no prior bookkeeping experience. I eventually asked to work from home more often, so we agreed I'd come in Tuesdays- Thursdays, and then Mondays and Fridays I could come and go as I please. One of my requests was that on payroll week (we get paid every second Friday), I wanted everyone to have their payroll in to me by Monday at noon so I could meet the deadline the bank requires to do direct deposit. The manager told me he'd ensure that everyone had their payroll in on Mondays, and that was the new rule. I asked him the week before if I should come in on the Monday that I would usually work from home on, So I could get the payroll done. That's also why i wanted all the payroll in for Monday instead of leaving it last minute and trying to hunt everyone down. He didn't reply, so I decided not to go in, and just do it on the Tuesdays like I usually do because no one ever has their payroll in on time. I come in Tuesday, and start doing the payroll. He walked past my office and asked for me to come to his office when payroll was done. There was 6 people I had to track down and ask for their payroll. I walked into his office and let him know payroll was submitted, then he said he would come to my office instead. Sure enough, he walks in, with a grin on his face, Sits down , leaves the door wide open for the entire office of men to hear, only to tell me "we are going to have to part ways. You made me look bad , I had everyone bring their payroll in yesterday and you didn't even show up". I said "there were 6 people who didn't have their payroll in, I didn't come in because my contract states I don't have to come in on Mondays, and 6 people didn't even have their payroll in". He said "doesn't matter, you'll get 1 week of severance. You can pack up your stuff and leave now". Needless to say, I was incredibly embarrassed and horrified about having everyone hear and watch me pack up my stuff and walk out the door. Everytime he had a problem with me , it seemed to have something to do with "how it made him look'. He didn't really like me working from home , because he said "it makes me look bad cause the other employees will be wanting to work from home", but yet , he hired a male salesmen that worked strictly from home only a month ago. This just really ruined my work experience. I worked so hard for them and fixed their books up, yet get kicked out the door like that. How do I gain my confidence and dignity back now ??


How do you move on? You throw a f*****g party that you are out of this incredibly toxic environment. And check out if you can sue for workplace harrasment or any of that sort.

As for future jobs, I think you could say something along the lines that you and their views did not match or that the expectations of the actual job vs. The described job die not match. Prepare a few light examples of duties you were expected that are clearly not the job of a senior bookkeeper, reading your description I am pretty sure there were plenty.

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