5 Steps to Finding the Perfect Job


There are many ways to search for a job. But, what about finding the perfect job? The five following steps comprise a proven methodology for finding what you desire:

#1: Focus on yourself. Create your job description before you start your job search. List your skills. Consider your area of expertise, but do not limit yourself.

Your options may be limited by your degree and experience to some extent. However, do not forget that entry-level positions are available.

Think about how you spend your free time. Why not pursue something that you already do in your spare time?

#2: Focus on the company. What type of company do you want to work for? A small business or a large corporation. How about the type of environment? Casual or formal. What type of group setting? A group of many people or just a few. Do you want to telecommute? If so, would you be willing to come to work sometimes?

You may not get all of these answers immediately when searching for the perfect job. However, you, at least, consider what appeals to you. This will also set you up for questions to ask your interviewer.

#3: Focus on the job. Now, you should have a good idea of what you are looking for. You can begin your search.

The best place to start is a job website. There are many out there. Indeed.com is good. It has a large number of jobs and resources to facilitate your search. Flexjobs.com is another good place to look. It is a job site where more accommodating jobs are available. It requires a subscription. However, it may be worth it, if you are looking to telecommute or for a flexible schedule.

No matter what site you use, type some of the keywords from your criteria into the site’s search field. Next, from your search, focus on the jobs that strike your interest. Check to see if most, or hopefully, all of your requirements are met.

#4: Apply. Most job websites have a user-friendly interface to apply for jobs. This makes it easy to apply to many jobs efficiently.

You should still fit your resume for each specific job for which you apply. There may be some specific words called out in each job description. Those words should be a part of your resume for that specific job.

#5: Prepare for the interview. Answer common interview questions out loud. Take some extra time to prepare for more difficult questions. Even if they are not asked, you have information available that may still apply at some point during the interview.

Wrap-up: In short, finding the perfect job can be simplified by initially focusing on you. A detailed and personal job description makes your hunt more purposeful. Next, consider your perfect workplace environment. Finally, begin your search.

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