You’re a bad boss if you don’t do this.

 “When given a choice between war and dishonor, he chose dishonor,” said Churchill of his predecessor Neville Chamberlain.

Chamberlain refused to wage war against Hitler despite seeing the atrocities committed and tried to broker a peace deal — which ultimately was reneged upon by Hitler.

Chamberlain then felt he had let the British masses down and had to resign.

Leaders must be seen to be willing to go all out to take a strong stand for their team and those they represent.

It is the tacit expectation that teammates expect from their leaders.

Resources are in limited supply in organizations — from budgets to promotions, to equipment, to face time with executives, the list is endless.

Resources are limited but your team’s needs would keep increasing with time.

It is therefore important that your teammates see you “fighting” for them — whether in terms of promotions, resources, making the work environment better, support during personal challenges, etc.

Where possible, show them evidence of this to allay their concerns — emails you’ve sent, presentations you’ve made to senior management, the feedback you have received, etc.

That way, whether you win the battle or not, they know you kept up their honor. Leaders who do not do this are despised and often quietly rejected.

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