Want To Get Paid To Write (Without Spending Your Own $)?

Yes, it is possible to actually make a living writing blogs and social media posts. If you are reading this, chances are you're For You page is flooded with getting Moderately Rich Quick stories, well-known websites to apply to, or places to send pitches that get thousands a week. These articles are great to get you going but don’t give you the goods in terms of how to really work in writing. You can send all the pitches, and apply to all of the major brands, but if you aren’t willing to work you might not make it far. These are some industry secrets no one is telling you.

I started my Copywriting journey as a fluke. I previously worked in the Graphic Design space and had a background in writing but never imagined it would become the career I needed. I was browsing indeed for new contract opportunities in the Social Media space and found a listing for Social Media posting. It was straightforward and to the point which I always appreciate. Simple qualifications:

  • Able to write copy for different channels
  • 24 Hour Deadlines
  • $0.75 per post, $1.00 once you’ve hit 350 posts.

I knew I had the experience and the drive to learn more so I applied and heard back fairly quickly. There, my introduction to the world of contract writing began.

No matter what site you sign up on, what hacks you read here, or what the title of that article told you- there is no getting rich quick. You will have to put in some level of work to reap any rewards. That being said, this writing gig was one of the best ways to get my feet wet, build a small portfolio, and earn an income on a schedule. I determined how much I made by how much work I put in. The beauty of the contract is the ability to write on my own schedule and create my own income.

I knew that as a mom of three kids under five there was no way that meetings and typical time schedules would work for me or my family. I wanted to be able to spend the day with my kids and work during nap times, bedtimes, or in-between times like right now. I knew I wanted to still have a relationship with my partner and go on adventures and feel fulfilled while bringing in income. I wanted a real work-life balance I had never known before. I never thought that writing, especially short-form social media posts, would be the thing to set me up for success.

It Doesn’t Happen Overnight

I get paid on a regular pay schedule. I get out what I put into it. At first, my goal was to go by the type of business I was comfortable with or the highest number of posts, but I quickly realized that was working harder, not smarter. The more batches I could get done accurately and efficiently the less I had coming back from editors and the more I was able to complete and invoice for. This applied in other areas of writing as my copy started to get noticed. By picking projects that I could work on smarter, not harder, I was able to save myself time and make myself money. I only write short-form social as needed now, but the jumping point this gave me allowed me to grow my rates, income, and knowledge.

There’s no secret, and I’m not going to make you find another blog post to get the steps. It was truly simple (and honestly cost me $0 to implement):

  • Schedule Everything

My schedule isn’t plugged into my Google calendar, or written on a giant whiteboard. Although I’m a planner person, I found myself getting lost in the details instead of focusing on the future and churning out work. Once I ditched the traditional scheduling I decided that each day of the week would be dedicated to a different project.

  1. I include a day that is just for personal passion projects (like medium)
  2. a day off completely on the weekends.
  3. I prioritize projects first on quantity and then on depth. The more deliverables a project requires, the higher up it goes. The more research needed, the higher up it goes.

This system allowed me to control my days and stay more on top of deadlines to be able to take on more projects when I want, on my own terms.

  • Quality and Quantity

The two don’t have to be exclusive. You can produce quality work at a high volume. I started with short-form social media posts and graduated to contract blog writing and setting my own rates. I was conservative in my pricing but I knew that I could pick up more projects as I grew more confident. Now I set my rates at amounts I know I deserve and work with dream brands within the cannabis industry and beyond.

  • Educate Yourself Constantly & Consistently

One of the things the brands I work with appreciates is my dedication to continued education. I don’t mean degrees, either. Google can be your best friend when it comes to resources for writing and writing well. I follow and engage with accounts that share news and updates on the industries I am involved in. I engage with the brands I want to work with, and any others like them. I share my real-life online.

  • Social Media Matters (But Not How You Think)

Nowadays you can’t get far without social media. If you can, more power to you but I have personally found that following and connecting online has opened my doors to new contracts every day. I don’t focus on the numbers, the content, or the aesthetics. I gave myself a very general brand guide and stuck to it. I realized that when working with people they wanted to know I was real, and what I was like outside of the virtual world. You don’t have to focus on daily posting or meetings metrics. If your desire is to “go viral” I have some bad news for you…it’s not going to happen the way you think. If your goal is to get comfortable and live a worry-free life, you’re in the right place.

It may sound simple, and that’s because it is. These tips cost you exactly $0.00 and will give you returns on that investment every day.

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