The 101 of how not to manage Autistic employees


Neurodiversity and tapping into this resource is a hot topic. According to research, neurodiversity in the general population is between 30% to 40%. With the amount of literature online about autism and neurodiversity specifically at work, I cannot believe I have to write this article.

  • Clear communication, use concrete language because Autistics are literal thinkers.
  • Flexibility for working at our best, as in styles of work.
  • Complete transparency around workplace culture/practices and business processes. Explain the why.
  • Calm and safe working environments — Look at the sensory. Think of it as an allergy to sound, light, or touch (depending on the individual).

Don't make changes without (some) notice.

Use plain language.

Please, for God's sake, put instructions in writing.

Don't give us books on how to "fit in" or help "our autism."

Social differences.

Things that appear to be easy might be a huge barrier for us.

Stop being an ableist.

  • "You don't look autistic."
  • "I would have never have guessed you are autistic."
  • "You must be very high functioning."
  • "You are not a label."
  • "Are you sure?"
  • "You nothing like X autistic person I know."

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