Sexy Roles vs Boring Jobs

 I am working in a department where it is kind of a passage to the commercial world. Engineers who are interested to pivot will naturally go through this path to exit. Alternatively, finding another job external with an engineering background or qualification is usually challenging.

My first role in this department involved doing a monthly presentation in front of senior management. The job was to present the performance of the previous month — but I have always made it spicy by challenging the norm and constraints. This definitely has left an impression.

On top of that, I was having a weekly discussion with the operational leadership team about the production steer and support needed. The intelligent and sometimes heated discussion definitely has helped impress people with my capacity and willingness to collaborate.

Turns out, that many people think that this is a sexy role.

Why so?

  1. Showcase capability to solve the problem: Presenting dilemma as representative of my department and presenting a solution.
  2. Learned both sides of the world — technical and commercial: Skill sets that differentiate me and other engineers or commercial candidates.

Is it so?


They love the sexy part, and hate the boring part.

What is so boring?

1. Data analysis

2. Chasing people

3. Bearer of bad news and you can’t do anything about it

Every role has its sexy part and boring side of things. Always spend time understanding the role before taking it up.

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