Lying Employee

 I work In Human Resources in Massachusetts, and I hired someone for IT and he has the worse attendance and constantly lies with ridiculous excuses. He also punches in on the deputy when he’s nowhere near the building. I think that’s theft. Now, the company moved me to HR because I have a psychology degree and they needed someone. My boss told me to hire someone asap. They meant it. The employee is bringing morale down, but the owner is INCREDIBLY hesitant to let him go and rehire him. Finally, I contacted his former manager on my own personal email so it would remain private. Is there any reason I can’t bring up what his former employer said about him (it was exactly the same issue)? I’m going to get my HR certification, but I can’t afford it, and I’ll be paying for all of it. Now, I actually like my job otherwise. But this employee is making me insane.


Do you understand the real problem is the person who refuses to discipline or fire him? It's clear this has become very personal for you. Your boss is making another mistake by putting you in HR with no training and anger issues. HR with a vendetta can cause greater harm to this organization than a late IT guy.

This is not personal. Since you're not going anywhere, you've got to separate your emotions from this. Be extremely careful here.

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