I screwed up on my job application and noticed a major mistake after accepting the offer. Will they withdraw the offer?


I screwed up on my application and noticed a big mistake after accepting the written offer. I received the written offer Friday night and read the rough everything with my father and accepted it that night. I put down that the recruiter referred me as I thought that’s what it meant when I saw the question on the online application. My dad looked through my application and asked about it. I was sent a message from the person on our university career site(as I’m a student graduating soon) that the person thought I was a great fit for the role and should apply. I told him that and he said I screwed up big time because that’s not what that means. I plan to call the recruiter that gave me the verbal offer on Monday a few minutes after 9 am and tell them the complete truth about my mistake and take ownership of my actions. I’m very stressed out right now and can’t sleep knowing I might lose an incredible opportunity due to my stupidness.

Will the employer rescind the offer after I tell them the truth?


If I understand right, it was asking for your referral source. This is just an internal tracker, which is only used so they can reward the referral source and market better. My organization offers referral bonuses (HR excluded), so sometimes it can suck if the applicant doesn’t put the person's name on the form- but that’s it. Your dad is way off base here with his assessment. There is no big screw-up. Minor mistake, that has absolutely no bearing on your offer. Enjoy the new job!

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