A Quick, Simple, And Effective Method Of Posting And Editing


Simplicity is what you seek.

Then make the process as simple as possible.

Often we overcomplicate things, which causes arousal and stress. It consumes time. It isn’t productive. It loses value.

“Think about the problem; decide how to solve it!”


Decide what you will write before you’ll start to note or type. Make sure you have a great-sounding title that raises your reader’s curiosity. Some people like to implement a great magnetic picture later.

It helps when the picture sits together with the headline and subtitle early on. It gives you a sense of your post being partly finished; it helps me to thrive forward and finish the entire post.

Creativity tip:

If you aren’t that great at coming up with a post idea, check interesting feeds online, check the comment section of other posts online, and see what people seek.

Apply the “Problems require solutions mindset,” and You’ll get a far end. Seek problems and solve them by writing a post about them!

Time consumption: This can be manageable in 10 to 15 minutes. Under the shower is a great moment when you have kids.

Line out

You could also add a few keywords which trigger you about the important things you want to mention in your post. A few keywords written as titles or subtitles could work just fine. It can function as the elimination of a mental barrier. It can become easier to focus on the essence later on!

Time consumption: Idealy done within 5 minutes when you already have the first part in.

Start writing

Write your entire post. In the best case, you’ll manage to do that in one go. Forget about typos and everything to perfection in your post!

The most important thing here is that you extract what’s in your head as quickly as possible. Once it’s written, it’s usable.

Write as much as possible; you’ll have to put in the work.

Time consumption: This largely depends on what you want to write. Try to aim within an hour.


Once you’re done writing, edit that piece using Grammarly to catch typos and exclude obvious mistakes.

After your first edit, ignore what you’ve written for a while. This can even be one day. Just forget about it. Let it sink into your subconscious.

When you come back to it later, the chances are that you’ll have a fresh perspective; it’s easier to catch mistakes and simplify the writing. So what you do now is carefully read and edit your entire post again.

Time consumption: 30 minutes for a 5min read seems somewhat reasonable.

Revise again

Run the post through Grammarly once again. You could use the Hemingway App for a final edit to finish up.

You may experience this as a long and slow process; It will prove its value along the way. Be sure to check double check your head- and subtitle again when you finish your writing, just to see if they are still in line with your writing.

Time consumption: 30 minutes for a 5min read seems somewhat reasonable.

A huge mistake I made during the first months of writing was not paying attention to the grammar and editing of my posts. I thought it was enough just by overviewing a post. Haha, I thought my English was wonderful already, dumbass!

Writing 1000-words in an hour should be easily achievable. Still, it could take you 30–60 more minutes to edit that same post properly.

“An effective way to become a better writer is reading, writing, and editing. And it requires that you do it a lot.”

Editing is a skill you want to possess if you want to become a great writer, I found on my journey. Selling your post by making your writing appealing is another one.

I don’t write about writing all the time; in every somewhat post, I try to implement a post like this to share my experience and what could help others along their writing process. Just because I feel like doing that. Writing about writing enlightens my spirit since these posts don’t require much research and strictness. In that sense, posts like this help me to keep writing sustainable.

Absorb, Read, Write, Sleep, Exercise, Thrive!

Cheers \o/

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