I was FIRED from my white collar professional position but given 6 weeks to clean out my desk and offered a positive reference if I stayed the six weeks! Career development

 My boss came to me and asked for my resignation because I was unpopular with the team. (They did not like me). The boss thought I was doing a good job, had excellent technical skills, and told me he liked me personally and wanted me to get a new job somewhere else. But he was told by his boss to push me out. (The big boss and a number of other key staff did not like me for unknown reasons.)

But surprise: They asked me to stay in the job for six more weeks to give them a chance to hire someone else for my job. If I agreed to stay the six weeks and worked hard and kept quiet about my termination he would give me an excellent professional reference and two months of severance pay. And call it a layoff so I could get jobless benefits.

At the end of the six weeks, they would have a going-away party for me.

It was all put in writing and was official. But who knows what the definition of working hard and keeping quiet is. Maybe the big boss would tire of me and say I was becoming even more impossible to deal with and fire me before the six weeks are up and not pay me my severance pay because of a made-up action on my part.

(No, this is not made up, I am not a troll or anything like this. It is a bizarre situation!)

If this happened to you would you stick out the six weeks and would you work hard during that time? Would you agree to the going-away party?


I’d think there are too many positives to walk away

6 weeks is a lot of time to:

  • accrue more pay

  • look for another job with that time

  • two months severance

  • positive reference

  • seemingly your direct boss is cool


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