How to crush a job interview

 Following the wave of employee resignations in Canada last year, some Canadians may find themselves in the market for a new job.

One of the best ways to nail a job interview is by connecting personal strengths to the work itself, said Jim Reid, author of “Leading to Greatness.” The book serves as a guide to finding the ideal job and becoming a leader in the workplace.

“You really want to be able to demonstrate that your deep strengths and that your passion, what you love to do, is what's going to be needed and required in the job that you're applying for,” Reid told CTV’s Your Morning on Tuesday. “You have to make that connection.”

In order to do this, Reid suggests using the hedgehog model. The three-circle Venn diagram poses a series of questions designed to help people understand what they care most about, and how to channel that into a career.

Other tips explored in “Leading to Greatness” include adequately preparing for the job interview itself and doing research on the company and manager who is conducting the interview in advance, said Reid. He also recommends waiting until an offer is presented before starting to negotiate details around pay and vacation time.“Great careers begin with clarity,” he said. “The goal is to get to the intersection of the three circles…That’s where you can be at your very best.”

“You have to earn the right to say ‘no,’” he said. “It's not until you get the offer that you actually have a record for leverage.

So there's no negotiation or compensation or vacation or anything until they pick you and you're the one that they want to have joined the team.”

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