How to be a Model Employee

Everyone wants to be a model employee right?

Going above and beyond for the business and making other people look good is the key to happiness in life.

All your colleagues and managers will love you. This may never lead to a substantial pay rise or promotion. But if you play your cards right, you may receive a box of chocolate or an offensive $10 gift card instead.

As we all know, respect from your peers is worth more than getting paid what you deserve…

Here are 3 ways you can be a model employee. Do these and you may even get a shout-out in a team meeting if you’re really lucky!

1. Do all the work, but let your manager take the credit

Your manager is more important than you so deserves the lion's share of the credit and bonus. Bust your gut and burn yourself out to make your manager look good. If you do a really good job, they may even say thank you in an email. And there's nothing better than that!

2. Agree to take on work outside your job, for the good of the business

You should be a team player at all times. If that means that you never have a vacation and need to pick up things that lie 2 paygrades above you then do it. Your manager is right to say that the payment you will receive for doing this is through the opportunity. Opportunity is better than money anyway.

3. Stay late and sacrifice social life in favor of productivity

If you are not the first to arrive and last to leave then you are not working hard enough. And if you have any sort of social life that is not related to work you clearly don’t love the company enough. Your managers and colleagues are busy with their kids. As you don't have kids, you should work anti-social hours to cover them.

So there you have it. Top tips to be the model employee. Work your nuts off so people say how good a job you are doing every once in a while.

Getting such praise from these esteemed individuals is worth way more than money.

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