Can we just admit that most workplaces are toxic, and in general our work culture is horrible?


Just about everything about it. I think we are all sick of 0-3% raises when inflation is pushing 10%. I think we are all sick of the company's failings for staffing or whatever else falling on us, and not being acknowledged for it. I think we are all sick of being told we suck at our job because management has impossible to meet expectations.

Most of all I thin we are all sick of being treated like toddlers. I don’t need pump up meetings twice a week. I don’t need weekly coaching sessions where I’m berated for not meeting unrealistic goals. I’m tired of being told I’m family or being told to do stupid team building projects. I’m sick of, when I bring up a concern or ask what the company is doing to fix issues in their end that I’m a malcontent and it’s MY job to fix the issues they created.

I don’t know what the answer is, but the system needs blown up. It’s an absolute sham.

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