After 31 screenings and 31 interviews, I got 2 job offers on the same day!

 In my current role, I have a $90K/year base salary and a 10% bonus with 3 years of experience in data analytics.

The offer I plan to accept is for a fully remote position with a $130K/year base salary, $20K/year equity, and a 10% bonus with a sign-on bonus.

Interviewing was exhausting but so worth it! Some things I learned:

  1. Know your worth! Do your research on Glassdoor and levels.FYI to figure out how much you can ask for.

  2. Bring up compensation in the phone screening. Ask the recruiter what the salary band for the position is. Try to avoid giving a number first unless you have to.

  3. Always negotiate. If you receive a job offer, you’re a top candidate and the company doesn’t want to lose you. Don’t be afraid to ask for more base salary, a sign-on bonus, etc.

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