4 High Demand Well Paying Remote Jobs (And How To Get In)


Work is a necessary action.

It will be with you until you stop trading your time for money. That doesn’t sound comforting. Wages are stagnant compared to the soaring cost of living. Every day there are more goods and services to desire.

Whether side hustles are a scam is debatable. Here are a few facts I am sure about right now.

  • You aren’t any different from the people who make unfair amounts of money online.
  • Your employer’s sole goal is to pay you the least amount of money while demanding the best of you.
  • You listening to your fears creates distance. Fear makes the gap between you and the successful people you admire.
  • Your thoughts become your vocabulary. If you believe in a vision, your actions will act in accordance.

Employers want the best 60+ years of your life to themselves.

You can have employers and a life. To make this happen takes being more, stack your skills for these four remote jobs.

1. You are already good at this one.

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This irony blows my mind.

Writers here tell others not to write for $5 per article. Yet, have you looked at your earnings page?

Some articles earn $0.01. The viral ones sometimes account for 80% of your income.

Writers are always in demand, and clients will want samples. Some “writers” will not create without monetary incentives.

Create for people who give you control. Write on the topics you hope to develop specialized expertise on. Receive your $5 and add the piece to your virtual portfolio.

Get efficient to submit work faster to kill your desperation for money. Plus, build out your digital portfolio.

Great, you now feel confident. Pitch your skills to big clients via (warm) cold emails. Or use your experience as tips to get into high-paying publications.

Writers grew famous using this strategy.

The essential part is to pitch yourself into a community of high-income buyers.

2. Editor

As a writer, I have learned not to judge. Most one-person showrunners wear a lot of hats.

As a writer, you brainstorm, write, edit, pick cover images, design websites, and market your articles. It is a lot of work. But letting go can make you more money.

In 2021, writers earned around $68,682 per year.

In 2021, editors made, on average, about $70,015 per year. If you work in a 9–5, you will need certification. Freelance editors only need to make writers look polished to keep their jobs.

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What if you burnt out as a writer? Refreshed yourself and do not want to write again for a while.

Reach out to writers here. Ask to critique their work. The beauty is they may ask for help with flow, headlines, content ideas, plus proofreading. That’s good.

People pay more for comprehensive, specialized help. Pick a genre. Learn to do more than to proofread — master copyediting. Again pitch six-figure earners for work.

And please remember to save your outlines for client proof.

3. Marketing Director

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Confident writers can sell themselves.

Every high-level, high-paying job has a writing element. Even doctors publish medical research journals and studies.

Writers here are getting millions of likes, views, and comments on LinkedIn. Those numbers and niche-specific knowledge. Plus, content management skills make you a good marketing director candidate.

Your ability to show how your skills transfer well into the role via an interview is what will get you the post.

4. Product Descriptions

The copywriter label is a broad heading. And an overused job title in the current job market.

But Ecommerce is a growing industry. In 2022, experts estimate it will be worth $1.06 trillion.

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Many sellers think of websites, inventory, landing page copy, and anything else. All before thinking about product descriptions.

Which is why? Collaboration is essential.

Collaborate with web designers and entrepreneur-focused workshop hosts. They might point you toward people who need your services. And do it before the new business owner invests their money in other branding areas.

Thank you for reading!

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