Zoom Meeting Etiquette 101


With 62% of global remote workers working from home at least occasionally, and employers and corporations adapting to hybrid work models, it looks like remote working is here to stay.

Please stop saying ‘you’re on mute’

Gah, this one drives me bonkers. Please stop being this person.

Don’t wait for people to turn up

If you do the whole “I’m going to wait a few more minutes”, don’t. What you’re essentially doing here are two things.

  1. You’re insulting the people who HAVE shown up on time. They have other things to get on with, so don’t punish the productive people for the sake of those who don’t care.

Don’t go overtime

Learn the valuable skill of managing a meeting and managing time. Send an agenda before the meeting, so everyone understands what will be covered off…and stick to it.

If your phone rings, don’t answer it

Honestly, don’t be that person. As mentioned earlier, few people are rude enough to do this in person. So why is it acceptable in the virtual environment?

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