What is gonna happen to our offices when Covid-19 pandemic ends?

 We have been working at home for almost two years, not counting the ones who never stopped working in the fields because of their sectors such as production or health sector, etc. which we are grateful to them each and every day. Yet the ones who are still at home and coming back to offices soon, have still been the case, right?

Thus, let’s deep dive into this topic.

Since March 2020, the way we work, learn, think, communicate, etc. enormously transformed, we cannot call it “change”, it is not enough to describe our evolution of work culture every day.

In the first months of the pandemic as an HR team, we were working on back-to-office scenarios a lot! We were considering all aspects, the pros, and the cons. Eventually, all plans were thrown away due to variants. Meanwhile, HR’s role has also evolved a lot on account of keeping our employees safe. Maybe in another article, I will write about it.

Nowadays I read lots of articles about coming back to office scenarios after taking off masks. Recently I came across the following article by Korn Ferry: If Masks Come Off, Will Workers Come In? here makes me think more about the future of workspaces.

I believe we can come back to offices and start getting back to normal life but we are not in the same working style anymore. It is the reason why we need to think twice before coming back to the office without any adjustment.

I know that some companies especially multinational ones are quickly adopted the new working styles. Having a multinational benchmark within the company can easily lead to change which makes more impact on working culture. Those companies have reasonable “call to action” that leverage these conditions.

Why are some companies too fast in change? What is your excuse for resistance to change? What makes companies lead the transformation towards the future of work? Why Companies haven’t heard employees’ voices?

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